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Fred Chinski

CEO & President

Mr. Fred Chinski is the founder, Chief Executive Officer, and President of Endurance Technologies Inc. Mr. Chinski has 35 years of experience in the oilfield, coal fired power utilities, and refining industries.

Fred developed the CVD technology for diffusion alloying down hole production tubing and casing, specifically designed for the oilfield and numerous other technology enhancements over the years. He developed and fabricated the first equipment necessary to process extended tubular length products in various diameters and lengths. In addition, he also developed and fabricated equipment designed for rolling, straightening and other custom equipment enabling our current production processes.

Mr. Chinski was instrumental in developing the initial sales strategy and current markets presently being served throughout the world. At the present time, Endurance Technologies customers include some of the largest oil and gas entities across the globe.

Prior to the inception of Endurance Technologies, Mr. Chinski served as the North American Sales Manager for SecuraMax International and Canadian Sales Manager for Mogas Industries.

Mr. Chinski presently sits on the Board of Directors of Endurance Technologies.