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Eugene Medvedovski

Senior Materials Engineer/R&D Consultant

Eugene retired from Endurance Technologies in 2023, and prior to that he held the role of Sr. Materials Engineer and R&D Manager.  He is now working with our team on the consulting basis for special projects related to the development and optimization of coatings and protective products, their technology and the evaluation of material properties. Eugene has over 31 years of extensive experience in the development, manufacturing, evaluation and application of advanced materials, e.g. ceramics, composites, coatings, for wear-, corrosion- and thermal shock-resistance and engineering applications, ballistic armour, electronics and power generation. In particular, he has vast experience with materials and products for the oil and gas industry, mining and mineral processing, power generation, petrochemical and chemical processing, and waste management.

Before retiring from Endurance Technologies in 2023 as our R&D Manager, Eugene held the managerial and senior research and engineering positions with the companies in the USA, Canada and Russia (e.g. Umicore Thin Film Products, USA and Ceramic Protection Corp. and Indepor Inc., Canada). His work has provided implementation of the products with superior properties, new product lines, promoted productivity, efficiency and capacity growth, and market expansion. The materials and products which were manufactured through the development of his teams are successfully used in industry today.

Eugene holds a PhD degree specializing with advanced materials (Ceramics Engineering/ Electro-insulating Materials) and MS/BS in Chemical Engineering (major Ceramics and Refractory Materials) earned in Russia. He belongs to the “Order of the Engineers” associated with the National Institute of Ceramic Engineers (USA). In 2015, he was honoured with the designation to the Class of Fellow of the American Ceramic Society.